Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thankful Cards

Last night I met with friends who are also writers. And as usual, one of the ladies had been working on Thank You cards as we settled together to discuss our works-in-progress. She's always filling those out. I asked her about it. She said she can always think of someone to whom she could send one. In our conversation, for some reason I called them "Thankful Cards" instead of "Thank You" cards. Still, isn't that what she's practicing? Thankfulness? And building others up at the same time. A good past-time.

Makes me wrack my brain for people I could express thanks to. Hmm.... Maybe that writer friend who demonstrated thankfulness right there before our meetings.

Thanks, O.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

ACFW Conference

Oooh, I love meeting fellow writers. That was one of the highlights of attending ACFW’s conference in September, 2006.

I also got to hang with my writing buddy from back here at home. I especially remember the time we spent over a late dinner discussing our day and appointments. It’s awesome sharing the experience with her. Can’t wait to do that again.

Things don’t always go like you want, or like you think they will. Sometimes you get surprised. I’ll never forget the BIG surprise awaiting Cara Putnam last year when she was offered her FIRST book contract right there during the opening session at the conference!! What a moment! We were ecstatic for her. At the end of the conference, I met with the person who would refer my work to an agent who would later sign me. Love those surprises!

Can’t wait for ACFW conference ’07!

If you’re comin’, see you there!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Takes a while for summer to arrive here in the NW, but when it does it could woo the entire world to our corner of it. It's gorgeous here! Mountains which were hiding behind clouds all this time come out! You'll know someone has lived in our area a while if they've picked up our saying "Hey look! The mountains are out." Mt. Raineer. Mt. Baker. The Cascade range. The Olympics. The stuff of inspiration. Sunsets which amaze me and I've seen some grand ones.

There are two different kinds of getaway spots for our region, too. So, you have a choice: mountains or water. I grew up in the flatlands of the Midwest, so all these mountains are fantastic, but I gotta have the water! Puget Sound. Padilla Bay. Bellingham Bay. Gorgeous area.

Here's a photo from a spot I love to visit. This shot is now my desktop background on my computer. Yum!

I'm so thankful to God for His creation. I know this was the work of his hands and what's more I know the beauty of it represents the beauty in His very heart.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Tonight it's rather still outside. It's been a warm day. The sun is considering setting in the western sky, but it leaves behind evidence of hours of clear sky. We need a refreshing breeze. I opened windows, hoping for one.

We sing a song at church with lyrics about God opening the windows of heaven. We sang it on Sunday and here's what I heard God saying:

An open window permits a breeze. God's Holy Spirit wants to breathe on us afresh.

When you open a window, a lot of times, you have to move curtains or tweak blinds in order to get to the window. So, opening it brings in more light. God's Word is our Light.

Open windows also let rain in. In our dry seasons, we need His refreshing rain.

The Holy Spirit can move all He wants, but what good will it do in my life if I'm not positioned to receive?

Empty hands are better for receiving. We need to open our hands and loose what we're clinging to so He can fill our hands with His blessing.

Forgiveness can block us from feeling God's refreshing. We need to forgive and release offenses so we can be free in our hearts to receive His refreshing and feel forgiven ourselves (see Matthew 6:14-15).

A closed window cannot permit the fullness of a well-timed breeze. So, we need to be open to the Lord.

Lord, refresh me.