Sunday, May 30, 2010

Worry or Worship

Heard some bad news the other day. Don’tcha hate when that happens? Things are moving along just fine, and then, here comes some bad news. Kinda unsettles everything.

But I did something I don’t usually do. This is only by the grace of God, I know, because it’s taken a long time to get to this point, but I didn’t respond the way I usually do. Normally, I start to complain or point blame. This time? I said something to the effect that God has something good coming. He’ll turn it around. He’s up to something good. He’ll get us through.

You’ve heard problems are just opportunities in disguise. Opportunities to grow and rise to the challenge, practice problem solving.

But I think they’re also opportunities to remember God.

Remember, He got you through last time.

Remember, He has you in His hands.

Remember, He’ll hold you close.

Remember, He’s a great big God. He is King and supreme. He reigns over every circumstances. His promises will prevail. Delay is not denial.

Call to mind how big He is. Engage with Him. Speak about how good He is. Sing about how great He is, about His faithfulness. You’ll get a different view when you worship Him. Your problems are tamed in His presence, brought down to size.

I’m challenged to keep this up. I believe God will help me. Instead of worrying, worship. God will get you through.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Go Higher Eagle, Go Higher

This afternoon a bald eagle surprised me overhead. It’s not so rare to see them down by the lake, but right here over our house? Amazing. He was pretty high up there. But, of course, a smaller bird darted around him, pestering him. What is with that? The crow or blackbird that pesters the regal one.

I think it’s a picture.

I say, “Go, higher brave eagle, go higher.” Somewhere, I read that eagles can soar higher than smaller birds (who need to both flap their wings more often and take more frequent breaks). So, if the eagle glided higher, the little bird might leave him alone.

Reminds me of our walk with Christ. If we can soar higher, get into God’s presence through worship and prayer and reading His Word, we will no longer be bothered by the same things that drag us down. Now, there are new threats, but I know this: no devil likes the presence of God.

So, go higher, dear friend. Soar higher.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Laughter is Love

To me, laughter is love. To make someone laugh is to express how much I care for them. Dr. Chapman missed that one in his Five Love Languages ;D but I’ll forgive him. Tee hee.

It all started with my father. He has such a great sense of humor. He wanted to be the life of the party. He would tell stories and rally people around him to listen and laugh. And no one tells a story like he does. Maybe that’s why I’m a story-teller (read: writer) today. Anyway, that sparkle in his eyes, the tears of many chuckles spilling into the room. Can’t beat it.

Does Jesus make you laugh? Sometimes in our conversations, He makes me laugh out loud. Watch out. That crazy looking woman, laughing when “no one” is around is likely me, conversing with my best Friend.

So thankful God meets me in personable ways, speaking to me and loving me through our relationship, including laughter. Glory to Him.

When was the last time you laughed? It’s great medicine. Let go and laugh!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

If You've Ever . . .

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers reading Net's Notes today.

I love watching my kids grow and relate differently at different stages. This blesses me, especially when they cross over into territory I haven't seen before. Maturity. Kindness. Selflessness. Makes me one proud mama.

I know we don't often talk about God's Fatherly love on Mother's Day, but if you've ever snuggled your baby a little longer at bedtime just because, that's a picture of God's love for you.

If you've ever made up a song about your child, that's a picture of God's love for you. He sings over us.

If you've ever watched junior act on a new lesson and felt pride, I believe that's a picture of God's being pleased with you as His child.

If you've ever laughed at your child's antics in pure pleasure, I believe that is like God's pleasure in us.

And if you've ever simply enjoyed the company of your child, I believe that's a picture of God's enjoyment of us as members of His family.

If you're a mother, watch for those glimpses of God's nurturing heart, His love for YOU as His child.