Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In the Morning

We’re in the rainy season here. It’s that time of year. A time for plants to go dormant (or die) and for refreshing waters to go deep into the soil and nourish the trees and fill the reservoirs.  

Yesterday, we had a deluge of rain coming down, for hours. Very dark, gloomy, windy. Rain fell in sheets and the wind blew it sideways, threatening to twist umbrellas and soak anyone caught outdoors. But this morning, puffy clouds at sunrise. Patches of blue skies. Beautiful. Hopeful. 

Sometimes life can feel like a stormy day—gloomy and uncomfortable. Challenges and disappointments get us down. Delays can bring confusion and frustration. Waiting is hardly ever easy. It helps to remember life is seasonal. God is working in our lives, yes, bringing death sometimes. He's working to prepare us for new life. 

This season is also a time for rest. Sunset falls before dinnertime. We feel sleepy earlier in the evening. We might choose to stay home from after-dinner meetings because it's stormy, icy, or dark. Embrace rest! God commands it; He knows we need it. The maple tree will leaf out after several months of rest. Flower bulbs will bloom after resting first.

Some truths to hang onto in the tough seasons:
  • When God gives you a word, He’ll fulfill it.
  • When God’s word says joy comes in the morning, He means it.
  • When God promises release, He brings it. 
  • Every season comes to pass.
You’re almost there. Almost to the breakthrough. Almost to the release. Hang on. 

His answer may be there in the morning!