Monday, April 9, 2007


The joy of Easter morning is still holding onto me. Isn't it amazing what happens when we zero in on what the Creator of the universe--a holy God-- did for us in order to bring us to Himself? Jesus, the perfect and tender-hearted One, suffered in our place so anyone who wants to can be reconciled to God. All we have to do is say yes and live for Him. Life in Him is joyous.

Our family spent Easter morning singing at church, remembering God's great mercy toward us. In preparation for Easter morning, we watched a movie depicting Jesus' ministry on earth. I cherish some of the scenes in that film--Jesus calling Nathanael to be His disciple--"I saw you under the fig tree." His prophetic vision won Nathanael over. But this was only a small sign from God. There would be much bigger signs to witness to the truth that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah. Or the first time Phillip sees Jesus standing there. Before He says a word, Phillip looks undone--just gazing into the face of Jesus. A fantastic depiction of a tender-hearted soul facing the Savior. Meditating on these visuals reminds me how personal God is and that brings me joy.

God witnesses to us in our daily lives as we watch for His work. We prayed for a woman yesterday who wanted healing. I don't know exactly what was wrong, but as we prayed, I felt the Spirit of God settle over us in warmth and power. I can never get enough of Him. His touch brings me joy.

I believe that's how we were created, to respond to His touch, to crave it. This is the only holy obsession--to long for God, His presence and His Word. There is no greater pleasure in the world than experiencing Him. As we await our own turn to gaze on His face, He grants us joy.

May He fill you with pure joy this week.

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