Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Baby's Ministry

I thought I was the only one.

I love holding babies. I always have. I remember having a desire to help in the nursery when I was a small child because then I could be around the babies.

This morning at church, I had the opportunity to hold an infant as she fell asleep. This one is a snuggler. She is warm and precious and even turned toward me, pushing off the tummy of someone else so I could have the honor of snuggling her. She seemed tired so I sang to her and rocked her to sleep. What a privilege!

Later, after I'd put the little one in the crib, I noticed our pastor was praying for people out in the sanctuary. With enough coverage in the nursery, I stepped out into the main room. A friend of mine stood at the back, holding someone's baby to give her a break. This little one was tiny--weeks old. And my friend was loving the experience.

She tried to describe it but could barely find the words as her eyes teared. Holding a sleeping baby against her, hearing her breathe. She said something to the effect that the experience touched her heart deeply. I sensed the Lord saying (and so I shared this with her) that this was His ministry to her. He wanted her to see that His love is like that. He loves to hold us and we don't have to do anything to earn it. That little girl wasn't doing anything to earn my friend's loving response. And my friend didn't need to worry about earning her Father's love.

Amazing. Individual. Personal. Unmerited. Unconditional. Undeserved. Comforting. Deeply moving love. That is His affection for you.

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