Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Fire of His Love

This morning, I came down to my writing office (a bedroom on the ground floor of our home) and prepared to get to work. Piano music floated through the air, sunshine streamed in the window and the only missing element? A candle. So, I chose the ones for the day: Wild Orchid and Island Palm. But the wick in Wild Orchid was too long. Missing scissors, I broke the wick off with my fingers and the stub left behind didn't bode well for actually hosting a flame. I held the lit wand over the wick for a while before it would light. Then--viola!! It came to life, albeit shakily and I waited to see if the flame would grow. Sure enough, it burned for hours before I had to put it out. Now my office smells delicious.

I'm like that in prayer sometimes---not the smelling part , but the warming part. Ever come to God and you're feeling cold or burdened, but you press into his presence and hold on. While you're there, Bible open, prayers on your lips, love in your heart, something happens. The longer you linger in His fiery presence, the warmer you become. Pretty soon, you're lit. Ahhhh... the warmth of His love pours into your heart and you bear light to others.

The trick is to expose yourself to the flame, even when you don't think it'll take. Keep coming back and positioning your heart before His light, the fire of His love. Keep beholding His goodness. He'll manifest Himself to you. He's faithful.

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