Friday, March 21, 2008

Good News

Do you ever look back at something that happened in your life, and cringe? In my life, there are too many moments like that to mention. Worse, there are moments I wish I could relive and make better choices—choosing God’s ways rather than my own. Guilt could weigh me down when I think of the consequences of my sin. Condemnation (feeling hopelessly lost) could press down, if I let it.

But God….

Somewhere in the beauty and splendor of heaven, God saw me, saw my hurt, saw that my own choices would lead to death (eventually) and He said—No! On Greg Long’s CD “Jesus Saves,” there is a song entitled “Mercy Said No.” I love this song—the idea that God didn’t want to leave me in my mess, in hopelessness. He didn’t want to leave anyone there. So, He made a way for us to experience forgiveness.

He’s holy. He cannot tolerate evil in His presence. Lucifer fell like lightning from the presence of Almighty God when he let pride take root in his heart. God is holy and pure. Everyone in His presence must be holy as well.

And sin has consequences:

For the wages of sin is death... (Romans 6:23a, NKJV)

So, God sent His perfect Son to suffer in our place. The rest of Romans 6:23 says:

…but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6:23b, NKJV)

Remarkable love! Unbelievable mercy! Incredible grace! The Creator made a way for sinful human beings to know Him, to love Him, to live in Him now and with Him in eternity.

Jesus agreed to come. He agreed to suffer, to die a tortuous death. For me. For you. For our salvation and freedom.

All we have to do is agree that we need Him (humble ourselves) and say yes to Him, receiving His gift of forgiveness.

If you’ve been forgiven, you know the freedom that follows.

If you haven’t, wouldn’t it be great to feel that burden lift? You can. If you turn your life over to God, trusting Him, living for Him (real life), you can be forgiven. Just ask Him--

Jesus, I know I’ve sinned, and You’re the only one who can set me free. Please forgive my sins. Save me. Show me Your love. Be the Lord of my life. Help me live for you.

Whatever sincere prayer you offer from your heart, He will hear. You can have a relationship with the Savior, with God.

Get plugged into a Bible-believing church and watch God move in your life, daily. You can get free. He is Almighty God. Nothing is too difficult for Him.

You can have hope.





Just say yes to Jesus.

So grateful for His amazing love,


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