Friday, September 12, 2008

Live in Hope

That's what Jesus offers us--a life of hope.

The other morning, I turned on the Early Show on CBS and discovered Stephen Curtis Chapman was to appear. Like many other people, I was torn apart inside when the news of their beautiful adopted daughter's tragic death reached us in May. My heart broke for Stephen and his wife, but also for their son and other children.

I cried through the tender interview and footage of little Maria's memorial service and then through Stephen and Caleb's performance of Cinderella. Amazing. You can watch it here: Stephen Curtis Chapman's CBS visit.

Stephen said something so fitting. He said, as he tried to hold himself together after watching the footage of the service, "This is what it looks like to live with broken, but very hope-filled hearts."

Indeed. I thank God for hope.

We will keep praying for their family.

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