Tuesday, February 3, 2009

God's Massages

You'd think with a comforting term like "soft tissue" massage, you'd be talking GENTLE. Um, no. Not necessarily.

Are you someone who goes in for massages? I've never been one to "go get a massage." People talk about it like it's a luxurious experience. My muscles seize up at the thought. Well, today, as part of a medical procedure on my back, I had my first soft tissue massage. Does going through the roof mean anything to you? ;-)

You know, God works His own massages on us at times. And though He is gentle (at least with those whose hearts are soft), it can still hurt. He points out the painful areas, the things we'd rather no one touched. He shows us just how much pain we've been in. Ever been surprised at how many tears you can shed over a situation you thought was well behind you? But God knows. This Great Physician is well aware of every part of your heart that needs work. And He is gentle. But even a gentle surgeon uses a knife. And even a gentle masseuse uses pressure. Sometimes lots of pressure.

So, what can you do? Lie there, face down on His table, breathe through the hole in the bed and tell yourself, "It'll be okay." He knows what He's doing.

The goal is freedom.
The goal is healing.

Relax, with God, you're in good hands.

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Betsy Ann said...

Ohhhh massages. I love them! And love this comparison. Great view.

PS - Check my blog. You've been tagged!!!