Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beach Rocks and Burdens

Rocks make a fine collection. Sea shells, too. Soon, I’ll add some to my collection on my office shelves.

We just returned from vacation on an island—no, not in the tropics. In fact, every morning a marine layer kept the temps in their 50s. But, oh the glorious afternoons of blue skies and warm sunshine.

One day, I took a long walk with Jesus while the kids played with the grandparents. Along the way, I kept spying unusual rocks or shells I could not live without. I had my sweatshirt along, so the pockets became loaded down. See, unlike my oldest daughter, I didn’t keep my rock choices to smaller stones. Nope. If I liked something, no matter that it was the size of an egg, I’d tuck it into my pocket. Well, all these lovelies stuffed into my pockets resulted in a heavier walk the longer I was gone.

Reminds me of life. Only in life, the heavy “stuff” we pick up along the way isn’t lovely. They aren’t keep sakes. Those “things” are oftentimes offenses, negative memories or hurts. But, oh, how they weigh us down as we walk through life.

Once I’d returned to the house after my walk, I shucked my sweatshirt and went to spend a few moments chatting with my husband. When I wanted to show him the collectibles, I reached for my jacket to discover just how heavy it was. Amazingly heavy. And as I’d added rocks to the pockets, I hadn’t realized just how burdensome they were becoming.

Are you willing to keep carrying the weight of the things you’ve collected throughout your life? Sure, keep the great stuff—the good memories. But come to terms with the hurts—forgive or seek forgiveness. Let God give you a clean slate. Let Him empty your pockets.

Why carry anything along that isn’t lovely?

Then, set your good memories, your high points on the shelf and thank God for His goodness in your life.

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