Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don't Get Too Comfortable with Discomfort

I wear big, bulky wireless headphones to watch TV sometimes. Keeps the noise to a minimum. This morning, I turned off the television, set on getting some things done. Pulled out my phone, browsed the latest news on FB and was about to head down to my home office when I realized I still had those tight, uncomfortable headphones on. What? Hello, get those things off. I don’t have to go about my life with those on. Thank God! They pinch my ears and feel like they’re compressing my head.

I can ignore them when I’m watching because I get swept into the world of house hunting or some movie or show. But they grow increasingly uncomfortable. How I could forget I had them on, I have no idea.


I’d become comfortable with the tightness.

Immune to the discomfort.

Unaware I could be more comfortable if I just took those headphones off.

Sounds like life, doesn’t it? How often do we just learn to put up with stuff? Just learn to overlook how uncomfortable we are and get on with life anyway.

If there are areas of my life I’ve just grown used to overlooking, items that cause discomfort and that I have the ability to remove from my life, I want to do it. Doesn’t that sound like a good prayer for this new month of a new year?

All together now, Dear Lord, please help me change for the better. Show me what I don’t see now. Help me remove whatever is keeping me from freedom as You point it out. Thanks for Your heart state of wanting me free. I love You for that. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


Miawa said...


Elece Hollis said...

So true How true. We get so used to things we need to change.

Annette M. Irby said...

Thanks for reading, Miawa and Elece! This idea keeps coming up in my life. Funny how that works. :D God bless.

Love said...

Amen...:) such a lovely prayer... and such a lovely you... you guys make my day:)