Monday, May 9, 2011

His Majesty

The first night we could barely make out the ocean view through the foggy, gray, misting rain. But the second day, the sky opened over us, now reflecting off the once-gray waters in blue. Oh, beautiful! We could see clear to the horizon all of a sudden. We still couldn't see the entire ocean, of course. We marveled as the expanse of blue dwarfed gigantic barges in its greatness.

Like the ocean views, we get clear glimpses of God sometimes.

I stood there with sand blowing in my face, trying to capture the magnitude of what I was seeing through the lens of my camera. Impossible. I had to settle for snapshots of this portion or that one. There is no way of capturing the ocean’s greatness in the frame of my camera. Even a panoramic image wouldn’t do it justice.

Same’s true with God.

There’s innate awe in viewing the ocean. You can’t gaze on it without feeling amazed. Or, at least, I can’t. And what of the other senses being overwhelmed? The sight is awesome, but what of the salty air, the roar? Can’t capture that with a photograph.

Same’s true with God.

You can’t capture all of God to then put Him on display. The entire earth cannot proclaim His goodness or greatness, so He expanded to the universe. Have you ever seen explosions in space? The colors! The power! And still God’s greatness isn’t contained or fully displayed.

But God does give us revelations of His greatness. He shows us facets of Himself here and there so we can experience Him in new ways. He’s so great, there’s no room for boredom in our relationship with Him. He wants to astound us and woo us, to soothe us and heal us.

People have said that going to the ocean is a healing experience. I agree. That’s definitely true for me. I’m very grateful. But greater than the ocean’s impact, is God’s. He created the ocean. He’s far greater.

So, like the sun filtering through the clouds, pray God’s light would illuminate another facet of Him to us—so we can see and enjoy, so we can be captivated, and we can marvel. Marveling at God brings worship to another level. Marveling in wonder recharges us and meets a need in our spirits.

Lord, I want to marvel at You. Show me what I haven’t seen—a new facet of Your majestic self.  Amaze me.

Be captured by Him. Be captivated. Be completely won over and undone by His goodness. There is no one like Him.

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Miawa said...

The photo and your words are illuminating! I say it over and over again - "I never feel closer to God than when in nature" He just takes my breath away in an instant.