Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reflections of the Season

How do you prepare for Christmas, spiritually speaking? On a heart level, what do you do to connect with God around the real reason for the season?

Last night, my youngest and I set up the nativity scene in our living room. As we slowly unwrapped the figures, we talked about who each one was: a shepherd boy, three kings (the timing doesn’t work, but it makes for a more full crèche) and a few scattered animals. Seems the creators of this particular nativity scene used “The Little Drummer Boy” as inspiration, and those rhythmic “ox and lamb” were included. But it’s a good guess there were animals all around on that first holy night.

We talked about the placement of Baby Jesus, and my oldest and I discussed if we should include the cherubs someone gave us once upon a time. We decided not to since their design wasn’t biblical. Something inside us wanted to keep the scene pure; no baby-shaped angels allowed. There were angels, to be sure, when Jesus was born, but they weren’t shaped like naked babies with tiny wings. Back in the box with those figurines.

I think it’s fitting the nativity set is the first holiday decoration now on display in our living room. We’ll get to the tree. We’ll hang the lights. We’ll change out the wall art. But for now, there’s a symbol all in place to get our hearts focused on the real reason for the season.

There are presents to purchase and parties to attend, but what would any of it be without Jesus?

Without Him, there’d be no hope.

Without Him, no redemption, no eternal life.

Without Him, there’d be no reason to celebrate Christmas. He makes the season. He is the reason.

This season, take some time to reflect on Who Jesus is to you and what He means to this season.

And may none of us lose touch with those truths as the pace picks up and the parties commence.

Have a joyous, hope-filled Christmas season, dear friends, with Jesus right at the center.


Everything Changes said...

Our Christmas season used to be swallowed up in music rehearsals and perforances, and inevitably I got sick for Christmas Day. Since we don't have those opportunities anymore where we are, it is nice to just take a more relaxed and peaceful pace in preparing for Christmas. Though I do miss the final performances and the joyous celebration.

Ida said...

I absolutely love Nativities. So much that I have a vast collection of them. Many stray far afield from being Biblical, but all honor the birth of our Lord and Savior. I finally took many of them out of the basement boxes and display them year round. Between them and the crosses scattered around my living room, there is little doubt that I love Jesus. I invite you to visit my blog "Living on the Mountain, while walking through the Valley at