Thursday, January 19, 2012

Forced Rest

I talk about rest a lot here on Net’s Notes. It’s not that I’m taking a lot of rest, or lazy. It’s that I often don’t get enough, I think.

This week we’ve been bombarded with winter weather. Snowstorms, ice storms, freezing rain, yeah—the fun stuff. And with all that “weather” comes snow days. Feels like an extension to the Christmas holidays. And very distracting. And it wasn’t just the houseful of peeps. It was the two large windows allowing me a view of all the changes in the weather. Don’t tell my bosses, but I didn’t get as much done as I normally do. Not for lack of trying, but every single day felt like a Saturday. I shook things up and *gasp* worked on my own writing during the work day (don’t worry, I'm not employed at a nine-to-five). Normally, I give my own projects the last part of my day or the weekend, but never the middle of a weekday unless I’m on retreat. But why not? Why not prioritize what God’s called me to do? I got somewhere. I think He was blessing that choice.

See how rambling this post is? That’s been my week. I played a little more than usual—the indoor games fitting for bad weather—Uno with my youngest. She’s gotten good! Who taught her the tricks and best strategies and helped her get so competent? Uh oh, I did. And I watched The Lion King with my big kids and beloved husband. We laughed, tried to sing those words in another language, and giggled over impersonations. Just gave ourselves permission to kick back.

Amazing what a bit of snow will do. Amazing what a little rest will do. This hasn’t been a 16-hour-a-day week and I think we’re all better for it. Hmm… rest. Who knew?

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Everything Changes said...

Nice. I could use some rest, if not for my body, at least for my mind.