Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Dependence upon God

frost on an evergreen

Freezing fog is pretty. Ice coats the branches of the evergreen trees and the grass, frosting all the greens into grays. But there’s a downside. We’ve had fog here for several days, which means stagnant air. Makes outdoor exercise tough because the air is so polluted. Even my youngest child picked up on it, wrinkling her nose while we waited for the bus, “Eww, it stinks out here.” So, I’ve been praying for wind or rain to come and sweep away the “bad” air. 

Just reminds me how dependent we are upon Him. 

If God didn’t graciously provide water, we’d die of thirst. 

If God hadn’t put Earth this specific distance from the sun, life couldn’t exist here. 

If God didn’t give us oxygen, we couldn’t breathe. But God goes beyond that—He paints sunset and invented oceans. 

He created such a variety of animals—so imaginative and amazing. 

And He’s personal. He meets personal needs. He gently leads those with young. (see Isaiah 40:11) He cares. (see John 3:16, Jeremiah 31:3)

We are His creation, and we need Him. He is a benevolent God who graciously provides for our needs. Humbling thought, isn’t it? Makes me grateful. 

How has God shown you your dependence lately, and then how did He meet that need?