Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Season Series: Light

lit candle
Some December days, daylight begins to fade at 1:30 here. Mostly, that’s due to clouds or an incoming storm. All the dreariness can be wearying. Then, I glance over from my perch and see the Christmas tree. One of the perks of a dreary day, is we turn on the twinkle lights early. They bring cheer and bling into a gray world. 

Jesus does that too. From the very beginning, John describes Him as the life that was the light of people. His is the light that cannot be overcome by darkness. Amidst hopelessness, loneliness, aimlessness, or pain, Jesus brings light. He brings healing. He brings hope.

That’s the gift at Christmastime—Jesus coming to earth to bring us hope. Light.

And not just at Christmastime, but year round. Jesus is there, ever present. He’ll get as close as you let Him. He’ll heal and restore.

His life is ours. His light is ours. I’m grateful for that. Aren’t you?

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