Thursday, July 26, 2007

ACFW Conference

Oooh, I love meeting fellow writers. That was one of the highlights of attending ACFW’s conference in September, 2006.

I also got to hang with my writing buddy from back here at home. I especially remember the time we spent over a late dinner discussing our day and appointments. It’s awesome sharing the experience with her. Can’t wait to do that again.

Things don’t always go like you want, or like you think they will. Sometimes you get surprised. I’ll never forget the BIG surprise awaiting Cara Putnam last year when she was offered her FIRST book contract right there during the opening session at the conference!! What a moment! We were ecstatic for her. At the end of the conference, I met with the person who would refer my work to an agent who would later sign me. Love those surprises!

Can’t wait for ACFW conference ’07!

If you’re comin’, see you there!

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