Sunday, July 15, 2007


Takes a while for summer to arrive here in the NW, but when it does it could woo the entire world to our corner of it. It's gorgeous here! Mountains which were hiding behind clouds all this time come out! You'll know someone has lived in our area a while if they've picked up our saying "Hey look! The mountains are out." Mt. Raineer. Mt. Baker. The Cascade range. The Olympics. The stuff of inspiration. Sunsets which amaze me and I've seen some grand ones.

There are two different kinds of getaway spots for our region, too. So, you have a choice: mountains or water. I grew up in the flatlands of the Midwest, so all these mountains are fantastic, but I gotta have the water! Puget Sound. Padilla Bay. Bellingham Bay. Gorgeous area.

Here's a photo from a spot I love to visit. This shot is now my desktop background on my computer. Yum!

I'm so thankful to God for His creation. I know this was the work of his hands and what's more I know the beauty of it represents the beauty in His very heart.

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