Monday, September 24, 2007

ACFW Conference 2007

I've been busy through September preparing for conference. Last week, I spent 5 days in Dallas with 500 other Christian writers, agents and editors. We just got back last night. What a fantastic time! Dawn Kinzer (local writing buddy and crit partner), Gail Sattler (Canadian writer friend) and Ocieanna Fleiss (also a local crit partner) were my traveling companions. Check out the pics below.

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to sing between these great ladies during worship. What fun! Dawn Kinzer and Cynthia Ruchti are singers and writers with hearts for God. Cynthia also led the choir. I joined in, though without much practice. Didn't matter that we could only squeeze a couple of practices in. The Lord blessed our efforts with the kiss of His Spirit and those who listened as we sang on Sunday morning approached us afterward with positive feedback. Also, Cynthia won the "Member Service" award for her volunteer efforts. Wahoo!

Dawn Kinzer, myself and Ocieanna Fleiss (my local crit buddies). We have so much fun together, critiquing, laughing and getting each other's feedback on our work. Since we're all writers, but in different genres (with some overlap) we can help bring a fresh perspective from a writer who understands the techniques of crafting a good story.

Myself with Gail Sattler and Dawn Kinzer. Gail is from BC, Canada. She's a playful person. I love teasing her about her "hey" and "gerahje" (garage). All of us Pacific Northwesterners were in for another culture shock, though, hearing the Texans call us "y'all" and the plural "all, y'all." I love accents. I started to blend my speech patterns a little too well before we left. :)

DiAnn Mills recently (September 11th) appeared as a guest on my blog. Here we are at conference. Such a blessing to meet this gracious author face to face.

I love Susan May Warren's work! She led a bunch of workshops and late night chats during conference (how-tos on writing dialogue and layering heroes). As we were on our way out, I stopped to suggest she teach a romance track next year. So we chatted with Cara Putnam (board member) and we'll see. Here's hoping. She has a lot of wisdom about writing Christian romance and writing in general. Our name badges have the picture from her next Noble series book "Taming Rafe." What a great title, huh? It's a cowboy story--romance, a touch of suspense and romance and western themes. Did I mention romance? Can't wait 'til January, 08. Susie ran around during conference putting these Rafe stickers on whomever she could find.

Here's Rachel--
Rachel Hauck leads worship at conference. She is so great. I love her bridal understanding of Jesus' love for His people. I love that she has operated in the Harp and Bowl model of worship (International House of Prayer in Kansas City). We have a Harp and Bowl worship and prayer time every Friday night of conference from 8-9 p.m. Such a blessing to be a part of the worship team and participate in the prophetic songs of that night.

Okay, there's some fun stuff. I have more pics but I should probably get to making dinner for the fam.

Hugs to you and thanks to God for treasured moments.


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Dawn said...


What fun! So many great moments and memories from this conference...and what a blessing to share them with you.

Take time to breathe because we'll soon start preparing for next year's conference in Minneapolis! Whoo-hoo!