Friday, September 7, 2007

No Dream Dissin'!

Okay, I have no idea if I spelled that correctly, but you get what I mean.

I'm a dreamer. You can scroll down the past several blogs and somewhere back there I've written about dreaming big. You'll find me talking about dreams in devotionals, too. Or as a motto. I can't help it. For some reason (probably a whole lotta grace) God has chosen to show up when I start dreaming.

Like tonight. Tonight I sat down with my husband in a store and browsed. I've been wanting to browse for this specific thing for A LONG TIME. And finally, it's looking like it may just happen. Won't say what it is, but suffice it to say our evening was special, just sitting there dreaming.

I think the world comes down to two kinds of people---those who dream and those who don't. I'm a dreamer. I try not to let realism cancel hope. I believe God has inspired my dreams and many of them, He has made come true. Still others, I wait for Him to fulfill as I keep pressing close to Him.

I believe God entrusts dream fulfillment with us when He knows He can trust us not to turn that thing into an idol. I've gotta keep that in mind. He's got good plans. And as I watch those dreams on the horizon come into focus, I know I can pray for the grace to keep Him first while I enjoy the smile I know He wears when I turn to Him with so much joy----the joy of a dream fulfilled.

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