Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Best Gifts

This morning, as I was dressing my toddler, I noticed the radio station we love was playing Christmas music. What a treat! It's Spirit 105.3 out of the Seattle area and since I've already begun drifting into the Christmas spirit, I couldn't help smiling.

There's a thread today on one of the writer's loops I belong to about making personalized gifts. Great ideas were coming through. One of the themes was the advice of letting your loved ones know how much you love them. The more I "grow up" (grin), the more I appreciate the intangible gifts. Knowing I'm loved is near the top of the list. Loving on others is, too.

So, as you plan for the holidays, let yourself muse on the affection you have for your family. Feed those thoughts, rather than any irritations. Family is one of God's best gifts.

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