Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Spirit

I'm sooo in the Christmas spirit! I'm always humming a Christmas tune. I want Christmas music playing wherever I'm working. I even downloaded a new background to my cell phone. You have to understand, in seven years of having a cell, this is only the second time. So, what's up?

The snow helped a few days ago. Getting our tree up and the rest of the house decorated made a big difference, too. I want to be surrounded by reminders of the season.

I've been working through one of Beth Moore's studies. (I respect her as a woman of God and as an insightful teacher.) She mentioned that Jesus may very well have been born on December 25th. Stay with me here. To deliver in December, you have to conceive in late March or early April. That would put Mary's conception around Passover. We have a definite biblical account that Jesus died at Passover. Wouldn't it make sense for God the Father to begin this Lamb's life at Passover almost 34 years earlier? Something to think about.

Yes, I'm gearing up to celebrate Jesus. But I'm celebrating along the way. We don't have to wait for a specific day. We celebrate our friends and family on their birthdays, but it's not the only time all year we share a special moment with them. It's not the only time we tell them we love them. As I sang a spontaneous song to Jesus today, I was celebrating Him. He's the greatest gift. He's the best reason to sing.

So, all the practical things--finishing the shopping, planning, mailing gifts. Those things will happen in time. For now, don't mind me. I'm just celebrating my Savior. As I go.

Have a wonderful Christmas season.


L.L. Barkat said...

And the snow is a great place to start with such celebration... it's like grace sprinkled from above, covering the imperfections of the day.

Betsy Ann said...

Great post! =) I adore Beth Moore studies - which one were you doing? I just finished up Daniel - wow! That was a brain work out!! hehe. I'm in the Christmas mood too. Come over to my blog and read about my present status!!!! =)