Saturday, December 1, 2007

Looking for Freebies

It’s snowing. I grew up in Michigan and snow was as normal as sunshine there. Every year, oftentimes blanketing the landscape higher than my head. We made forts; we sledded down hill. It doesn’t snow much here. But today it’s like a winter wonderland. And for the snow to accumulate in Seattle is even rarer. Yet, it layers on the ground outside our windows and makes us want to run out there and be in the center of it all. A great way to start December.

I took my toddler out to watch the flakes fall. The joy and puzzlement on her face. The wonder. Later, she ran from room to room, telling all of us that it was "snowman!" I convinced her it was "snowing." Another priceless gift of the season.

This year, I’m looking for the freebies---not on sales racks, but with my family. Moments I can treasure, when our family is together gearing up to watch a Christmas movie or decorate the tree (which we did last weekend). Little things, priceless moments. Cherished gifts from God.

Have a joyous season.

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