Monday, January 7, 2008


Now, you know when you start focusing on one aspect of the Lord, learning about a certain facet, you’re going to get a chance to practice.

This is me the other night during a windstorm. A sense of dread because I knew it was coming. Prayer about how to handle it better than previous times. We have narrow passageways between our yard and the yards of our neighbors, and we have lots of huge trees. The wind loves to barrel down the narrow places and whip past our window while stirring up a horrendous noise in the trees. Just outside the bedroom window, where, a-hem, we’re trying to sleeeeeeeeep.

What did I blog about just last week? Peace??? Right. Time for some practice.

I sat in my room and journaled, reading the Word before bed. The weather reports were calling for high winds through the night. Yippee. But God spoke to me. He told me the winds are clearing the trees of dead branches. That the storm wasn’t going to hit us very severely and that He would guard our home (and sleeping children). I could rest in Him.

Wow. What a difference. Peace.

He also instructed me to use the air filter we have in the room, which provides rather loud white noise.

Ya know, Jesus laid down in the back of a boat and fell asleep out in the elements during a huge windstorm which brought plenty of water over Him. He knew God would protect Him. That night, I knew God would protect me. The gales woke me a couple of times (having three children, I’m a light sleeper), but I kept putting my trust in the Lord. And He got us through.


Aren’t you thankful God wants to carry us through, that the Prince of Peace wants to impart peace to us?


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Michelle Reneee Kidwell said...

Wonderful thank you for sharing