Tuesday, April 8, 2008


There are a million things I could do today.

It’s spring break and there are errands to run, kids to play with, crafts or projects we could make. We could clean the house from top to bottom, gut closets or wash the van (well, if it stops raining). I could write a new chapter for my work in progress, or blog, or straighten my office. All of those things are worthwhile. But we can’t do them all at once. So, what’s the best thing? What’s the best use of our time?

Jesus went about His life very purposefully. He stayed focused on His life’s work, even when others around Him might have had a different agenda.

Remember when He “needed” to go through Samaria (read John 4) and the disciples went off to find food, but Jesus remained in one place because God had an assignment for Him there. He finished his assignment in that place (witnessing the Gospel message to a woman who would then evangelize her entire city) before moving on. This was His “food,” to do the work of Him who sent Him. He stayed focused.

There are good things to do in our lives, but what’s the best thing? Ask yourself this question the next time a new opportunity comes your way. What’s the best thing? Just because something’s right, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing. Just because something noble, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for you to do in that moment.

A life of purpose is a life focused on God’s call specifically. Not getting sidetracked or distracted. A focused life will be a successful life. We keep God first. We seek His kingdom, turning over our agendas to Him. We stay in the Word, under authority and we discern what to say “yes” to. Just like Jesus.

The people wanted to make Him king during their day (see John 6:15). He wasn’t meant to reign at that time. He walked on knowing God’s purpose and following Him closely.

I heard an author once explain that as her ministry grew, she was getting offers to get involved in speaking or writing projects which were noble and good, but weren’t within her mission guidelines. She had to turn things down. They would have been a distraction. We’ve got to discover God’s call (or clarify it’s boundaries), commit and then root out all distractions as we go in pursuit of His best in our lives.

All His best in your life,

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