Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Walks

I've decided I want to have a purposeful summer. Yes, I need to work. But I also want to play, spending time with my daughters and husband in memory-making ways. We have trips planned, but even the day-to-day moments can be a celebration of our relationships.

My daughters and I have been taking walks this summer. Some of my purpose is research. Just what flowers are blooming in the NW during the summer? I've got some characters walking to church in one of my novellas who will need to know this. Some of my enjoyment is pointing things out to my girls. "Oh, look, a bald eagle!" There he was, gliding higher and higher over the lake. Beautiful. Majestic. Higher than the annoying blackbirds or smaller birds would soar. Love the symbolism there---soar up there with the Lord, above the circumstances of life. And don't just sputter, but glide freely because everything is in God's hands. Sometimes, we'll discover hidden pathways we plan to explore or lovely little nooks by the lake we can dream about. "I wonder who lives there. Someone with children." "Someone who loves nautical themes." or "Someone who loves gardening." Sometimes the clouds wisp away on the wind, but not before we notice. These walks are delightful, a superb way to spend time with my children.

What ways are you making the most of summer?

I heard this somewhere and it's starting to really take root in my life: Live Intentionally. See what you can do with that little phrase.

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