Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Something Heroic

Sitting here at my desk, I glance down and see a note from a critique partner. She wrote: "something heroic" over my first chapter. Writing coaches recommend authors put their characters' heroic side into the first scene/chapter. I'll have to go back and attempt that. First I'll have to consider my character and what would be fitting.

What's heroism to you?
Do you ever act heroically?

I've known some heroes. Firefighters. Policemen. Advocates for the less fortunate or for the helpless.

The greatest heroes, in my opinion, are those who are humble in their heroism. An act of heroism is itself noble, but paired with humility, the level of honor raises to wonder. We stand in awe of such acts.

I love fiction covers which portray heroism or newspaper photos. Heroism draws readers and viewers.

I've been studying Jesus' humility this week. It's staggering the depths of His humility. That makes Him even more heroic to me. He didn't come for recognition. He didn't strive for our approval or even that people would bow before Him. He simply walked out His calling knowing who He was and how His Father viewed Him. He sacrificed Himself and rescued people.

Pride is often a cover for feeling insecure or wanting to prove one's value. Or pride can be an unfounded sense of accomplishment which wasn't that person's sole work. (taking credit for something s/he couldn't have accomplished without the grace of God in the situation). Jesus never resorted to that. He was heroic without needing to prove anything or needing anyone's applause afterward.

But I will applaud Him. I do. He's the ultimate humble Hero.

What I want to do in my writing is portray heroism as honorable, and humility adds just the right ingredient. Of course, my characters will have to grow into it. Humility doesn't come naturally. But then, neither does heroism a lot of the time.

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