Tuesday, December 2, 2008

His Heart in the Waiting

I’m waiting on God. He has spoken promises to me, to my family, and now we wait.

Can you relate with this—do you ever try to figure out what God is thinking, feeling or doing while you wait on Him to help? Do you ever doubt His heart (intentions/motivations) as His answer is delayed?

The enemy of our souls comes to accuse in three ways:
--us to ourselves (“What were you thinking?” “What a stupid thing to do/say!” “You’re never going to get that right.” etc.)
--other people to us (“You know what he’s thinking don’t you? That you’ll never have what it takes to make it here. Your time is limited.” “You know what everybody thinks about you, don’t you?” “They’re talking about you behind your back.” etc.)
--God to us (remember Eden—“Has God said?” or “Do you really think God cares about the mundane details in your life, when He has a world to think about?” “He’s not gonna help you. Are you kidding me? Where is He? If He loved you, He’d have answered this by now…” etc.)

Sound familiar??

And we fall for it. We believe him (the enemy), rather than fighting those untruths.

One of the reasons for delay is motivation for us to quiet ourselves before God and seek His heart. Pride says, “I know God’s thoughts/heart/feelings/position.” Humility says, “Show me Your heart, God. No matter what I don’t understand, I want You. I’m learning to trust You.” Love seeks Him, seeks His heart, even when we don’t understand.

He’s been showing me His heart while I wait, silencing the accuser, and changing my understanding. God’s delay isn’t about Him not caring, or not having compassion in our circumstances. It is about Him revealing Himself, which shines light on our misunderstanding and corrects wrong thinking.

Here’s the thing—if He answered our requests by pouring out blessing after blessing when we misunderstand His heart, there’s a risk of reinforcing the untruth. What loving parent would do that?

But so that you may know He loves you
He’s in the circumstances with you
His heart is full of loving compassion for you
He will meet your needs
He does care, more than you know
He is sovereign
He is faithful
He will keep His promises
His blessings already surround you
~give thanks
And when you’ve done all you know to do,
as you keep seeking Him and remaining thankful

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