Monday, April 13, 2009

Faithful or Successful?

Have you heard this piece of wisdom--God doesn't call us to be successful, but rather faithful? I heard that phrase last night and now I'm toying with the ideas hidden there.

Who can be objective about success? No one. That's why there are so many cliches about what success is, or how you'll know it when it comes. It's definition is arbitrary.

And as you strive for whatever it is you would call success (assuming you're striving), what if doors don't open? Does that make you a failure? Do you blame yourself? Does God blame you?

Or, what if God isn't calling us to fulfill some arbitrary definition of success, but rather just to be faithful to what His calling is. The whole idea that He's in the journey with us and the journey is as valuable (or more so?) than the destination. That means, for me, that though I haven't published tons of books, as long as I am pursuing God and remaining faithful in my callings (wife, mother, teacher, cell pastor, writer), I am pleasing to Him. He wants us to be overcomers, not quitters. Disappointment can chase you down into a pit, but if faithfulness becomes the goal, then we know every moment isn't wasted. That and God's system is one of sowing and reaping. If you spend enough time pursuing something, putting in the hours and learning the trade, you will eventually see fruit--if nothing more, you'll be better at what you do. There is a reward, even if it isn't what you thought it would be.

For me, this idea of faithfulness being the goal has freed me from self-imposed (and projected) burdens.

How about you?

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