Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April!

Don't you just love that it's April? A new month. A new beginning. Time to flip calendar pages and change white board dates. Time for setting new goals or spring cleaning. Today feels new, and I'm ready for something different. Like bed linens, sometimes we just need a fresh change. Here are some tips for bringing about a little welcome change into your life:

~ rearrange some furniture to give your rooms a fresh expression

~ change it up--change your menu, your linens, your shower curtains or bathroom towel theme, change the fragrance you wear or the fragrance which enhances your home

~ if you usually bake banana bread, try zucchini instead :-)

~ if you're tired of old habits, change them. Nothing changes until something changes. Commit and go for it.

Just some thoughts this first morning of April. And though it's snowing today, (!!) I know it'll be feeling like springtime soon. Our pet bird is flapping around, splashing in her water dish. She knows it's time for a change of seasons and a little freshening of her feathers. Change is in the air.

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