Monday, March 30, 2009

Too Good to be True?

I'd seen the commercials and heard the hoopla, but you can't always believe what you hear. So, when this bottle of bathroom cleaner promised I wouldn't have to work as hard, I was hopeful but skeptical. For one thing, scrubbing like crazy is not a good idea right now. For another, who has a half hour to devote to one portion of a five piece bathroom? (stall shower, soaking tub, toilet, two sinks, and that's just the fixtures, let alone the mirror and floors)

So, I read the directions, flicked on the fan for ventilation, aimed the trigger, and sprayed. (oops, I just typed "prayed," well, maybe a little) The directions promised only a two-minute wait to see if the stuff worked. Then, I had the option of rinsing or wiping the surface clean. I don't think it was quite two minutes before I was wiping the shower door to see if the foam worked. My old cleaning solution required scrubbing. Not so with this one. I swiped and wow, the results. Hmmm... what about the tough stuff? First, I rinsed and some fell away. Good. Good. We're getting there. Then, I swiped and even the sludge in the corners gave way, easily. Oh, yay! The stuff worked. I found a new favorite cleaning solution!

As I sorted laundry this morning (yes, it's cleaning day around here), I pondered the lessons God's been teaching me lately about His love. I'd been feeling unlovable about something, but God reminded me He loves me the same. Sure, there are things to work on, but so what? I tell my cell group members this all the time: God is not offended (or frustrated, for that matter), with our humanness (imperfections). We humans were His idea. He knows growth is a process. And only in our human estimation do we so easily tie behavior or merit to love, as if love is automatically something we have to earn....

Sometimes God's love seems too good to be true. But He's showing me lately He's sooo good, and He is truth. So, I can rest in Him. The more I reach toward Him, the more He shows up, and automatically I get a glimpse, a taste, of His goodness.

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