Thursday, March 26, 2009

Worship Music

So, Kari Jobe's CD arrived in the mail yesterday and wow! Even at the first listen (and you music lovers'll know what I'm talking about--how often do you love a song @ first listen??) this CD is amazing! Right from the beginning. The first track "I'm Singing" is soooo good! This is sweet, fresh worship music. Love her voice! My preschooler and I were singing along at the top of our lungs today. Fun! And "Singing Over Me"? Very timely. If you haven't heard her music, you should check it out.

And, just for fun, I have to say the newest (2008) JesusCulture worship CD is fantastic!! It's called "Your Love Never Fails." Kim Walker, Melissa How and Chris Quilala are fantastic leaders and this CD/DVD combo will take you into the presence of God with fire and passion. Here's the website for more information:

Our worship team loves Kari songs, as well as the powerful Kim Walker & crew worship songs. Check them out.

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