Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm Ready For Spring

Between the last time I posted and today we've enjoyed some days with 60-degree temps up here in the Northwest. Right now, though, it's 33 and snowing again.

I am ready for spring!! Who's with me? ;-)

Those early-in-the-year spring-like days can stir up so much longing--to garden or take long walks in the sunshine, to visit the lake. And then, bam! It starts snowing again. And that's unusual for us here in the NW. The snowplow went by about 45 minutes ago and immediately the road was nearly covered in new flakes.

Reminds me of seasons in God. Have you ever been in a wilderness? Difficult times when God may seem far away, when your soul feels cold and your visibility is bleak. When all you can do is hope for brighter, warmer days filled with new life and joy. That's why I love Easter or Resurrection Day. It's a time to celebrate Jesus' ultimate victory over sin and darkness. He didn't just come to cover the works of darkness. He came to destroy them! He came to give life and life more abundantly.

Spring will come again. That's a promise from God. And while the snow keeps falling all around me, I choose to believe it. Though visibility is 1/4 mile right now, the sun will shine again and those gorgeous, snowy mountains will stand up against a crystalline sky while birds chirp and spring flowers bloom. The wildernesses of our lives will not last forever.

If you're in a tough season, remember, spring is on the way! Take delight in the little things--blooming crocus or daffodils. And cooperate with whatever God is doing, asking for discernment. Sometimes we put up with the enemy because we think it's the Lord. Other times we rebuke the enemy when God is at work. Only God can help us discern which one is which. But, like Moses, we can have intimacy with God in the wilderness if we fear the Lord rightly. Or we can wander around like the Israelites for 40 years and be distant because we don't cooperate with God and draw near.

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