Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Personal Blessings

This morning, I gazed through my home office window and saw something I'd been so hoping to see.

A couple of years ago, we planted scarlet bee balm in our yard. And year after year it comes back, blessing us. Love those deep red flowers on tall stems. It's a highlight of our backyard. Well, I'd heard they attract humming birds, and this morning I saw one!

Some people love spotting butterflies, or other creatures. I have a "thing" for hummingbirds. :-) So, to see one darting around those flowers this morning, drinking nectar and moving on to the next blossom really blessed me.

Think about the ways God has blessed you lately, specific ways. God created you. He enjoys you!

Last night, my husband and I watched the Christian film "The Perfect Stranger," based on a book by author David Gregory. In the movie, the main character is hoping for a date night with her husband at her favorite restaurant. Turns out he can't make it. But Jesus can. He treats her to dinner at her favorite restaurant, just because He loves her and wants to bless her. She has lots of questions and they have a very meaningful conversation. If you haven't seen this movie or read David's novella, I highly recommend you do! (book's title is "Dinner with A Perfect Stranger")

Consider all the ways God has specifically blessed you lately and thank Him for being so personal.

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