Monday, July 20, 2009

Open to the Little Things

This past weekend my family had hoped to go on a whale tour. The last time we went, the "little" creatures--orcas, especially--were in hiding from all the vessels on the Salish Sea. This year, the boat we would have toured on was being dry docked for repairs. So we settled for the next best thing.

Standing on shore, up on the rocky cliffs, we exchanged binoculars and digital cameras, shivered in the biting wind, and searched for whales. The strait we surveyed is famous for whale sitings. And guess what? There, mixed with the white caps and rolling waves, we saw them!! Shrieking, we each pointed to the activity we witnessed.

What a thrill!

God graced us with the gift of contentment and then blessed our attempts at family fun, despite our original plan evaporating.

Sometimes you have to look closely to see the blessing.

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