Friday, October 9, 2009


The creature is huge! Hanging there, suspended on a massive web which clings to our sliding door frame. Happy October in the Northwest!

I grabbed the bag of birdseed to refill the feeder last week but stopped short at the sight of the polka-dotted, fat, long-legged web dweller. I slid the door back to its secured and locked position and repositioned the bag of seeds on the shelf. “Perhaps I’ll go around the other way.”

But I haven’t done it. Instead I’ve allowed a spider the size of a quarter to keep me from stepping out into the backyard via the slider. Sounds silly doesn’t it?

How often do I let a slight obstacle keep me back? That rejection letter in my in-box could stifle my writing for a day. But really, a week? Nope. I need to get back at it. Writer’s block shouldn’t instigate a month-long cleaning spree (I’m exaggerating, of course), but if I let it, it can derail my writing schedule. Some days I do anything to avoid my writing desk.

So, what’s the deal? That spider is small—not a real obstacle. A broom could swipe away the web and help Spidey find a new home in the grass (if I let him get that far, heh heh heh ;-} ). Then I could tend to the feeder, deadhead the begonia, clean up under the fading rose bush. I need to face the obstacles—they’re often so small. I don’t want to turn back at the hint of trouble. I want to be someone who blazes through webs to victory on the other side. Unintimidated. Brave!

Excuse me, there’s a web I need to demolish. Watch out, Spidey, it’s moving day!

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