Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Safe in the Center

My daughter and I sat down to watch a nature documentary last night. On the screen, a school of silvery fish maneuvered as one through the ocean’s waters, trying to avoid predators. The safest place? The center of the school—the center of that moving mass of fish. Any fish on the outskirts ran the risk of being lunch for the marlins and yellow-finned tuna. They were easily picked off.

As a believer, when hardships come, sometimes it’s natural to isolate ourselves. We think no one can relate. Or we’re ashamed of the hard times we’re struggling through. We stop going to church because we think God obviously isn’t hearing our prayers. (If He heard us our circumstances would change, we reason.)

The enemy of our souls wants us to isolate ourselves. Then, he can torment us with doubts, fears, loneliness.

But if we stay in fellowship, if we reach out to a friend for help, if we humble ourselves and continue to seek God, we are safe. The best place to be when you’re struggling is right up front during worship at church. Right up front at the altar during prayer. Right there on your knees, crying out to God—trusting His heart is good even when you can’t see the answers before you.

Don’t isolate. Get right into the middle of the family of believers where it’s safe. Worship. Pray. Fellowship. Live in the center of the group of believers.

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