Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Then, He Smiled at Me

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved various imaginative Christmas songs, beyond hymns. We used to learn them for school programs. Words to The Marvelous Toy and Do You Hear What I Hear? still run through my mind this time of year.

One of my favorites is still a favorite today: The Little Drummer Boy.

From the first notes on the piano, I’m hooked. Then, the words describe journey of this little drummer boy to see the Baby Jesus. The little musician has nothing to give but his talent. In humility he asks permission to play his drum for the Baby. Mary nods and then . . .

Jesus smiles at the drummer boy.

Do you picture Jesus smiling at you?

Maybe when the day is going well. Maybe if you can’t remember losing your temper that day or making any mistakes, or giving into temptation. Then, Jesus must smile at you, right?

Jesus is full of joy (see Psalm 45:7 & Hebrews 1:9)! The only issue that could have concerned Him, the condemnation of the entire human race due to sin, He Himself conquered. He righted the wrong. He is full of joy when people accept His forgiveness, His offered gift of reconciliation to God. He is glad to see you come to pray, worship or read His Word. He wants relationship with you!

So, when you come to Him, He is smiling. Sure the stuff of our lives will need to be dealt with, but it isn’t God’s primary basis for relating with us. What revelation! What a gift.

He just wants you to come. Get close enough to see Him smiling at you.

Sing with me now,

Then, He smiled at me . . .

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