Friday, December 4, 2009

Frosty Mornings

The temperatures have been super cold here lately, unusually so for our corner of the country. We haven’t had snow yet, but we’ve had some serious frosts. We awake early in the morning to discover thick layers of ice on cars and plants, rooftops and yards.

Our summer months this year were unbelievably hot—lingering around 100-degrees day after day. One afternoon, sitting in my un-air-conditioned home office, I offered a silly prayer or promise to God—"I’ll never complain about being cold again (yes, cold). Just please cool things down." The other morning, warming up our frigid van in order to drive my middle daughter to school, what did I do? Complain about the cold. Good grief, I’m a finicky human.

So, this December, I’m trying to be thankful. Frost is pretty. Christmas is coming. Family will visit. I can be thankful for friendships, writing, church, etc.

As my focus shifts from one thing to another, I want to make a point of zeroing in Jesus. His love carries me through the frostiest moments in life. His faithfulness assures me He sees my needs.

May your Christmas season be filled with thankfullness and joy as you remember Jesus is the reason for this beautiful season.

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