Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Good Does it Do?

The other day I picked up a bag of wild bird seed at the local store. My feeder’s been rather bare for some time. Today we have glorious sunshine in the northwest, and every now and then I hear a bird chirping away outside. I think it’s time to fill the feeder.

What good does a bag full of seed do if the birds don't have access to it?

Do you ever feel like you have the tools you need, but you don’t avail yourself to them? Or even, the sustenance your soul longs for, but you don’t take some time away from the routine and access the source?

I have a stack of books on the shelf—writing craft related and spiritual growth related, but if I don’t avail myself to them, if I never take the time to read them, what good are they doing me?

Be honest. Have you ever purchased a “how-to” or a “learn-about-yourself” book and then let it go dusty on the shelf? I have. Yet, some of the insights within those book covers might just set us free.

What good is a book on the shelf if a reader never reads it?

It’s time to go fill my bird feeder, and it’s time to schedule opportunities to read the helpful books on my shelves.

Otherwise, what good will they do?

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