Thursday, September 30, 2010

All Is Not Lost

I spent all morning editing the first thirty pages of a manuscript due soon. Then, as I prepped to back it up, I closed out of the doc and went over to My Computer. That's when I discovered the file wasn’t in the correct directory, though I’d been saving it often throughout the morning. Uh oh.

I’d been editing a temporary file. And since I’d already closed it, I couldn’t do a Save As (which I usually do FIRST).

Has that ever happened to you? A while back, I remember an author friend having a similar experience with some project or other. Eventually, she had to give up and accept the fact she’d lost the hours and start over. I didn’t want my scenario to end the same way.

The temp file directory is hard to track down, but by going back to pretend to save the downloaded file and through some desperate prayers, I found it—the edited copy full of track changes. Yay! All was not lost.

Same is true in our lives in Christ. He’s in the redemption business, if you will—redeeming our souls, first, then redeeming our past mistakes, hurts and losses. He makes it all work out for good. (see Romans 8:28)

Turn to Him. He is good.

Turn everything over to Him. He is kind.

Trust Him. He is able.

No matter what you’re facing, God will work it out. And no matter what the past held, remember, all is not lost.

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