Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Worth Turning the Page For

On October 1st, I flipped the calendar page to see gorgeous fall leaves clinging in all their red, orange and yellow splendor to a tree over a river. I can’t even remember the picture for September, the one that sat pinned to the wall for a month. This one takes over in my life now. Beauty. Color. Life. Vibrancy.

That’s how it is with life stages, too. Seasons of pain come to pass, not to stay. Gives me hope that the things I’m battling now won’t always be standing in my way.

And turning the page also brings a sense of newness. The joy of the following season won’t be affected negatively by the sorrow of this one. Good news, isn’t it?

Like those autumn leaves clinging to the tree on the calendar page, cling to Jesus. Draw your vibrancy from Him. Let Him use the season you’re in to make you beautiful. And hang on for the joy. Because one day, those leaves will all fall down, land in that river and be whisked away on the joyride of their lives.

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