Tuesday, November 23, 2010

God Takes Good Care of Us

What’s worse in airport delays: grounded and waiting, or circling in the air and not landing?

Ugh. Double-up on the Dramamine, people! Apparently we missed our window to land in the fog. There we were circling our destination last week, waiting for clearance. For an hour. So a two-hour flight, took three. And usually a half Dramamine is all I need to make it through. Take a whole one and you’d have to carry me off the plane. Take a half one and I don’t throw up (whew!), plus I’m lucid. Well, mostly.

But I prayed and experienced God’s nearness while we circled. And we did eventually land. Yay!

On the return trip, I had to retrieve our pup from the boarder. Oh, the snow and ice. But the roads were clear and I left to pick up the well-missed dog. Got him home and we went about our day. At one point, as I was working away on the trip’s laundry, I said something to him (yeah, I talk to the dog) about how we needed to get his blanket washed or take him outside, or something and a feeling covered me. We were taking good care of him, out of love.

Just like God does with us.

The Lord got us to our destination, blessed us with a great trip, brought us safely home through snowy conditions, even graced me to pick up groceries before the snowstorm set in and the roads iced over. We’re well cared for.

Aren’t you glad God takes such good care of His kids? This Thanksgiving, thank Him for His tender, loving care. Watch for it. Don’t take it for granted. That TLC is His love in action.

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