Monday, November 29, 2010


The rose plant near my kitchen window has been through a lot. When I first got it, there were plenty of buds, even blooms of mini-roses. Then, the little guy dried out, and I thought he was done for. But I repotted him, watered him with just the right frequency (I can be taught) and he rebounded. Yay! A year and a half later, he’s ready to bloom again. One bud is now opening. I’ll call it my Christmas rose.

This morning it was nearly open and something had changed. Rather than growing straight up from the plant, the little stem had reached toward the window, bending and stretching in that direction. So, I opened the shade a bit more to make it easier for my Christmas rose to drink in the muted November light. Isn’t it amazing how plants know just what to do when they need something?

Do you?

During all the busy-ness of the Christmas season, do you take time to be refreshed by God? Do you reach toward Him, looking to have your needs met through His loving care?

It’s so easy to chase our heartaches with food or idols of choice, especially this time of year. But God wants to fill us up. He wants to give us His joy which abides during the Christmas season and beyond.

I want to be like my rose. I want to recognize what I need (Light), reach toward Him (God) and drink my fill.

How about you?

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