Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Single Decision

I have a new Android phone and I love all I can do with it. Games (no, not Angry Birds *wink*), browse online, read books, etc. I’m especially hooked on solitaire. I know. I know. It’s the same solitaire that tripped people up like twenty years ago. They’re supposed to be working, and they are glued to their computers, but they’re playing.

The cool aspect of this version of solitaire, though, is you can undo countless numbers of moves and you can restart a game. So, you figure out the place you went wrong and you restart. A little obsessive? Probably. Anyway, as I was playing earlier today I realized during a fated game that I was going down. But it also occurred to me where I had gone wrong—the one move I’d made that caused my downfall.

A single mistake took me in the wrong direction.

I restarted the same game, chose a different “black” king to drag to an opening and viola! A different outcome—I won.

Same’s true in life. A single decision can change the course of our lives forever.

When you first heard about Jesus, what did you do? When you learned about sin and that a life is required for its atonement, what did you do? When you learned Jesus was the only acceptable sacrifice, and that He, in His mercy, paid the price for you to have salvation and forgiveness, did you choose Him, did you accept His gift? Or not.

That single decision is the most important decision anyone will ever make and whether you think you need to make it or not, you do. Everyone has to choose between saying yes to Jesus or not. (If you don’t say yes, you’ve chosen no.)

But, what joy if you choose Him! What freedom. That painful burden of so many wrong decisions (can I see a show of hands raised along with mine if you've got a list?) can be healed with one decision: “Yes, Jesus! I need You. Please forgive me for my sins. Save me. Guide me. Heal my heart and redeem my past.” And He will! He loves to redeem!

This Christmas season, consider the real reason for the season. Jesus, God, coming to earth as a human to rescue you from sin, hopelessness, darkness and hell. Thank God He came as a baby and lived sinlessly so we could have salvation. Rejoice in Him.

Choose Him.

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