Friday, September 30, 2011

Winds and Worship

Today was one of those stellar weather days. And I appreciated it all the more because of the cold, rainy fall-like days we’ve had this week. It was 79 degrees (following days with highs in the 50s). Breezes carried leaves to the grassy yard while wind chimes played original melodies. But it was the wind that made the chimes harmonize. 

Sounds like life. 

Gentle days. We appreciate the blessed moments, the peaceful, joyful times because we know they aren’t a given. Tough days precede them, so we’re grateful when the sun shines through and the rain of trials eases for a while. It’s the comparison that makes us praise. Gratitude makes us worship.

Wind. Breezes elicit melodies from the wind chimes in my yard. In fact, the stronger the wind, the more beautiful, varied, original the tune the chimes create. Do you sing when you’re going through trials? I’ve learned worship is a powerful act/tool while suffering. Worship changes things. Worship brings anointing, and anointing breaks yokes. Worship can turn negative circumstances around, and trials inspire original worship. If you let them. 

Sunshine. Light comes breaking through. Cloudy days can get to people, affecting moods and productivity, especially when dark weather runs on and on. So, when the sun comes out and the weather changes, it’s like a breakthrough in our circumstances. Doesn’t it feel great when your circumstances change? When the Light of God moves into the situation and brings clarity, relief, hope? When an ongoing problem is suddenly solved, or the pressure eases with new resolution?

Awake, O north wind, and come, O south!
      Blow upon my garden, that its spices may flow out.
      Let my beloved come to his garden 
and eat its pleasant fruits.
(Song of Songs 4:16 NKJV)

The Shulamite from the Song of Songs understood all this. In fact, she invited trials to come (equating trials with north wind and good times with southerly breezes) because she knew God would see her through. She’d grow closer to Him in the midst of it all. Her heart’s response toward God would only deepen as she was refined. She knew the best worship would flow from her heart in the midst of this pattern of tough times followed by relief. Her approach certainly banishes fear, doesn’t it?

So, though it’s not necessarily first nature to worship in hard times, I recommend trying it. Open your mouth. Don’t be intimidated by the pressures. Just worship. Meet God in that deep valley. Watch how your worship of God changes you, the circumstances, and your life.

Perhaps worship is the point. Sunny days. Cloudy, cold weather. Trials. Comfort.

What draws you to worship?

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