Friday, September 16, 2011

You're Right, Lord

Ever talk with someone and hear yourself say, “You’re right, my friend. I did say that.” Or whatever? Well, the other day I heard myself say that to God. “You’re right.” It’s laughable, isn’t it? He’s always right.

I think we can run into trouble if we don’t remember that He’s always right. When He affirms us, He’s right. When He directs us, He’s right. When He gives us His perspective on a situation, He’s right.

One of the reasons we tell others “you’re right” is because we come into agreement with their wisdom or take on something. Our eyes are opened and it clicks. We “get it.” Well, with God, He’s right, even if we don’t “get it.” He’s right even when we can’t see what He’s up to. He’s right even if we don’t agree or can’t understand. He’s. Always. Right.

So, it’s not debatable. We still have a choice of course, but unlike with friends who are human (and flawed), God is perfect. He is always right. See, with friends we can debate something until we come into agreement, or agree to disagree. But with God we aren’t really debating, are we? We’re following. We’re obeying. We’re growing and changing. He’s in charge. We’re His beloved ones, trusting even when we can’t see.

It’s about considering the source. I talk to God like a friend whom I greatly respect. But I’m going to keep an ear out for this “You’re right, Lord” phrase. I have a couple options. I can probably do one of two things: 1) say it every time He speaks, or 2) drop it from our interactions all together. After all, I’m convinced it’ll always be true. :)

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Rusty said...

Its kind of like saying "Amen", isn't it?