Friday, March 29, 2013



Good Friday

On “Palm Sunday,” Jesus entered Jerusalem to the cheers of the crowd who shouted "Hosanna in the highest!" They saw Him as their deliverer. But on their terms. When He didn’t “live up to” their expectations, they turned on Him. By the next Friday (not even a week later) they were condemning Him. The crowds now shouted “Crucify Him!” over and over. Disturbing, isn’t it?

But put yourself in their shoes: they had an expectation, based on biblical prophecies and promises from God (legitimate sources). When Jesus didn’t do what they wanted, when they wanted, they gave up on Him. They turned on Him. Their anger turned to bloodlust and they “cheered” for His death.

I could never understand that. Couldn’t imagine it. I read the gospels and hope there’s an escape hatch for Jesus this time through. That He won’t end up on the cross. Well, part of me does. The other part gets that He had to die so I could truly live. Praise Him!

But as I await fulfilled promises, I sometimes find myself trusting less and questioning more. I resent and resist, at times. The same heart (mine) that praised Him and adored Him and welcomed Him resists, rejects, and questions Him.

Just like the Israelites did.

Just Because…

But here’s what He’s teaching me through this humbling reflection where I’ve found more in common with the crowds than I imagined existed:

Just because Jesus didn’t fulfill all the prophecies yet doesn’t mean He won’t. He will.

And just because Jesus didn’t keep Lazarus alive doesn’t mean He didn’t care. He did.

And just because I don’t understand what He’s doing or why the delay lasts so long doesn’t mean He’s not right in all He does. He is.

And just because there’s a delay doesn’t mean the answer’s “no.” It’s not. He said it; He’ll do it.

God’s Way
It all comes down to expectations and trust. Sure, have your expectations. Stand on the word God gave you. Absolutely. Just don’t allow your heart to harden while God gears up to do things His way.

The people wanted a deliverer, but without the cross, no one could be saved. The people’s expectations became a tool God used that made much more sense after the suffering than before. The people crying “crucify Him” led closer to the cross. And I shudder to think where we’d be without the cross.

See, the Messiah is a Redeemer. And without the cross, there would be no redemption. That’s hope.

He redeems us.

He will redeem the time while we wait.

He will redeem the situation and work it out for our good.

They cried “crucify Him” Friday morning, but they didn’t know Sunday morning was coming. The day of victory, life, hope, change, breakthrough for Him, for us. Those who had rejected Him could now welcome Him again.

I wish we weren’t fickle. I wish we always made the right choices, always welcomed Him, always provided that respite of a lily among thorns. But then we wouldn’t need a Savior. A redeemer.

Oh, how we need Him.

Praise God for Good Friday. Take heart. We won’t wait forever. Resurrection Sunday is on its way!


Everything Changes said...

Great reflection!

Annette M. Irby said...

Thank you, E.C. I hope you have a blessed Easter!