Sunday, March 17, 2013

God said, “Look at Me!”

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I don’t know about you, but God has me in a season of change, of growth. Like a farmer, he’s tilling the soil of my heart and digging up some rather unsightly rocks. Not a fun process. But I learned long ago the sooner I cooperate the sooner I get through the lessons. There’s only a battle if I fight His work. So, I try not to. Of course, that isn’t always true, but who’s perfect? 

Sometime in the last several weeks, I ran across the following passage. First a little setup: Moses was trying to get out of the calling God had for him. He didn’t want all the attention on him. He’d gone into hiding as a young murderer and didn’t want to come out. He was probably still ashamed of his overreaction way back when and wanted to stay out of sight, and out of judgment.  So, he’s trying to get out of God’s assignment: 

And Moses answered, “Look at me. I stutter. Why would Pharaoh listen to me?”
God told Moses, “Look at me. I’ll make you as a god to Pharaoh and your brother Aaron will be your prophet. You are to speak everything I command you, and your brother Aaron will tell it to Pharaoh. Then he will release the Israelites from his land.  (Exodus 6:30; 7:1-2 MSG)

When we’re tempted to get bogged down by the burden of our own weaknesses, we need to look at God instead, especially in the context of serving Him or following through on His assignment, but I think other times too.

Are you ever tempted to point out your weaknesses to God, rather than magnify Him? His strength is made perfect in our weakness (see 2 Cor. 12:9) . And if He calls you to something, He’ll make a way, though it may not be simple (remember all those Egyptian plagues?).  

Remember, too, God only points out our trouble stops in order to help us overcome, get free, or be healed. Never to condemn. God convicts; He doesn’t condemn His children.

Next time you’re overwhelmed by your own struggles or weaknesses, look at God instead. Let Him fill your vision. Let Him show you what He can do with you, in you, and through you. 

* Star picture courtesy by xedos4

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