Saturday, September 28, 2013

Faith Build Series 4: Get Into God's Presence

hands holding a burning candle*

The problem was so heavy. Wearing me out emotionally. Mentally. A painful problem, full of rehearsals and angst. 

In the unseen realm, the enemy laughed at my torment. Tell her more lies. Make her feel alone. Tell her even God can’t fix this.
At some point it hit me. The battle became obvious. And when I go to battle, I often turn on worship music. Music that extols God’s goodness and might. Jesus’s victory on the cross. His victory for us. For me. And the more I celebrated Him via that music, the smaller my problem got. The more I believed God would come through for us. He will turn it all around for good because we’re called according to His purpose. He will perfect that which concerns me. 

He cares. 

And the darkness receded. The lies were abolished. God’s light invaded and the pain was replaced with victory. Sure, things were dark before, but they would get better. They had come to pass. Temporary. Whereas God’s goodness and power are forever. And the victory Jesus won for me is forever.

God’s presence helps us see things from His perspective—more objectively. This perspective helps us endure. Sometimes we feel alone because we haven’t opened ourselves to His presence. He’s holding our hand (as He promises in Isaiah), but we don’t sense His nearness. So, turn on the worship music. Get into His Word and His presence. Agree with God’s goodness. Let Him push back the darkness.

He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. He will help us. He will grow our faith through the trials we face.  We don’t have to face them alone. Almighty God goes with us, holding our hands, saying to us “do not fear for I am with you.” 

An experience in His presence will cement that truth and build your faith. 


*photo credit: burning candle by Sommai from

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